About Christopher E. Friel


Christopher E. Friel Photograph

A lifelong Rhode Island resident, Attorney Christopher E. Friel practices with the Law Office of Christopher E. Friel, LLC, centrally located in Warwick, Rhode Island.

A graduate of Roger Williams University School of Law, located in Bristol, Rhode Island, Attorney Friel served as the Senior Survey Editor for the Roger Williams University Law Review. While attending law school, he authored Downloading A Defendant:  Is Categorizing Internet Contacts A Departure From The Minimum Contacts Test?, which has been cited by numerous courts and scholarly articles.  Additionally, Attorney Friel authored Law Review survey articles on numerous Rhode Island cases and statutes, including State v. Francis, 719 A.2d 858 (R.I. 1998); State v. Saluter, 715 A.2d 1250 (R.I. 1998); State v. Webber, 716 A.2d 738 (R.I. 1998); Allard v. Allard, 708 A.2d 554 (R.I. 1998); Bielecki v. Boissel, 715 A.2d 571 (R.I. 1998); Robinson v. Delfino, 710 A.2d 154 (R.I. 1998); In re Robert A. DiBiasio, 705 A.2d 972 (R.I. 1998); An Act Relating to State Affairs and Government - DCYF Records - Confidentiality of Records; and An Act Relating to Motor and Other Vehicles.  Also appearing in the Spring 1999 edition of the Roger Williams University Law Review was a book note co-authored by Friel, entitled "Liberty and Justice: A History of Laws and Lawyers in Rhode Island, 1636 - 1998, by Patrick T. Conley."

While in law school, Friel was the recipient of the State of Rhode Island Senate Fellowship, and worked in the State Senate Policy Office researching and drafting legislation.  Additionally, he was a Rule 9 Attorney with both the Roger Williams University School of Law Criminal Defense Clinic and the Rhode Island Office of the Public Defender.

In addition to his law practice, he has served eight years on the Warwick School Committee (2005 - 2013), chairing the committee for four of those years.  Attorney Friel is actively involved in the Rhode Island Chapter of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, and has helped raise funds for the cure of blood cancers through the Team in Training program.  Christopher E. Friel currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Rhode Island Chapter of the Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) Association.

Experienced Rhode Island Attorney

Attorney Friel has been a member of both the Rhode Island Bar Association and the District of Rhode Island Bar since 1999.  While Rhode Island does not have a certification for specialization, Attorney Friel’s practice centers on Domestic Relations, Criminal Defense, Civil Litigation, Estate Planning and Probate Practice.  He practices in all counties in the State of Rhode Island.

Rhode Island Supreme and Superior Court

Family Law Attorney

Christopher E. Friel's Family Law practice includes the preparation of Pre-Nuptual Agreements; Contested and Uncontested Divorce cases; Custody, Placement and Visitation Issues; Alimony and Child Support Enforcement; Juvenile and DCYF matters; Adoption; and Paternity actions.

Attorney Friel has experience handling complex divorce issues including business valuation; medical and dental practice valuations; preparation of Qualified Domestic Relation Orders (QDROs); litigating the validity/invalidity of Pre-Nuptual Agreements; Alimony; Child Custody and Placement; and Relocation matters.

Criminal Law Attorney

Whether you have ben charged with a misdemeanor or felony, Attorney Friel has the knowledge to successfully ensure that your rights are not violated and you achieve the best possible outcome.  Attorney Friel zealously and vigorously defends his clients in proceedings in the Rhode Island Traffic Tribunal, District Courts, and Superior Courts. 

Estate Planning and Probate Law

Attorney Friel's attention is focused on the representation of heirs, beneficiaries, trustees, executors, guardians, and other family members that challenge transfers of wealth and the estate planning documents and conduct beyond those transfers. His experience in pursuing and defending will contests, trust disputes, and challenges to fraudulent use of powers of attorney have garnered him a reputation for providing common sense approaches to resolution and the development and execution of straightforward effective litigation strategies.

Civil Litigation Attorney

Attorney Friel represents clients in all facets of civil law matters, including personal injury, breach of contract, landlord-tenant, real property disputes, as well as business dissolution.  His focus on detail, meticulous research, and zealous representation has served his clients well in all areas of civil litigation.