Motor Vehicle Offenses

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If you have been pulled over in Rhode Island and ticketed for any motor vehicle violation, Attorney Christopher E. Friel can assist you.  Attorney Friel possesses years of experience practicing before the Rhode Island Traffic Tribunal as well as the municipal courts within the State of Rhode Island.  Attorney Friel has successfully represented numerous clients on motor vehicle offenses such as the following:

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Dismissal Based Upon Good Driver's Record

Any person who has had a motor vehicle operator's license for more than three (3) years,
and who has been issued traffic violations which are his or her first violations within the
preceding three (3) years, may request a hearing seeking a dismissal of the violations
based upon the operator's good driving record. 

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If you have been issued a citation for any motor vehicle offenses, contact Attorney Christopher E. Friel today to discuss your case at (401) 737-4200 x23.