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Attorney Christopher E. Friel is well-versed in Rhode Island's Grandparent Visitation statutes, and has represented numerous parties seeking to enforce their rights under the law. 

Grandparent Visitation in Rhode Island

In Rhode Island, grandparents have the legal right to visitation with their grandchildren under certain cicumstances. For example, under Rhode Island law, grandparent's whose child is deceased always have the right to petition the court for visitation with the grandchildren of that child.  Additionally, grandparents whose child is denied or has failed to exercise may petition the Family Court for visitation with their grandchildren.  Finally, grandparents can petition the Family Court for reasonable visitation with their grandchildren if, for thirty (30) days immediately preceeding the date the petition was filed, their repeated attempts to visit their grandchild were denied.

The Rhode Island General Laws were amended in 2012 to allow for easier access to the Family Court for grandparents seeking to establish or preserve the relationship with their grandchildren. 

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